Rochester Gauges 6580-00203 (6580-203) Fuel Gauge for Boston Whaler

Rochester Gauges 6580-00203 (6580-203) Fuel Gauge for Boston Whaler

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The 6580-00203, also referred to as the 6580-203, from Rochester Gauges is a senior, fixed length model designed to fit the 77 gallon (and optional 119 gallon) Florida Marine Tank inside many vintage Boston Whalers.  This gauge is manufactured for us by special order and it comes as it was originally designed along with (4) mounting bolts and a Buna-N gasket.  This gauge is available in several configurations from the drop-down menu.  TwinSite fuel sender dials are also available in 240-30 Ohms and 0-90 Ohms if you would like to transmit your fuel level to a remote instrument in your console dashboard, but please be advised that the TwinSite dials require an additional 5/8” or so of clearance due to the sender module on top of the dial.  If your deck plate cover is too close to the top of the gauge then modifications will be required for the installation.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Most vintage Boston Whalers have a fuel tank flange that is not threaded for the (4) 1⁄4"-28 x 9⁄16" mounting bolts.  Instead, it requires the gauge to be mounted with longer bolts and nylon lock nuts.  Because of this design, we have sourced the necessary parts and added the following bolt kits:

  • Bolt Kit BK-1 includes (4) 1/4"-28 x 7/8" bolts and (4) 1/4"-28 nylock nuts, with all parts being high-quality zinc plated steel.
  • Bolt Kit BK-1-SS includes (4) 1/4"-28 x 7/8" bolts and (4) 1/4"-28 nylock nuts, with all stainless steel parts.

The gasket that 6500 series gauges is part number 0015-00004 and it is a flat ring gasket.  We also offer another Rochester Gauges gasket that is precision cut to seal the underside of the gauge.  This gasket is far more effective at sealing the tank while also keeping debris and moisture from getting trapped between the flange and gauge head, leading to premature corrosion.  It is part number 0015-00079.